Feb 6, 2012

weekend fun: the pike of Long Beach

My weekend started off horrible I was sick with the stomach flue Thursday- Saturday ewk.. Luckily I have a wonderful husband that spoils me so much when I’m sick, I have to confess I “milk” it a bit, I mean who doesn’t like to be taken care of when sick? He was so cute he doesn't know how to make chicken noodle soup so he scoured all over the pantry for some yummy soup with a Gatorade just for me. 

After the harsh couple of days, and me being all better we decided to go out for a day trip to The Pike at Long Beach, where we had P.F. Changs yum yum. Then we went Whale watching and it was, oh so relaxing! something about the ocean, the waves crashing, the wind blowing my hair everywhere, and being by the side of Derek has that affect one me (chuckles). However, I was sad to not be able to see much of a whale but a fin here and there. People were crowding too much towards the front of the boat obstructing my view. Nevertheless, it was still the highlight of my weekend. 

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