Mar 12, 2012

Some Day I'll Learn

My Family and close friends know that last summer I spent it in Mexico July-November and trust me it was not for fun, so in the mist of it all I decided to make the most out of it. Now I have an iphone so naturally I also have internet but I could not use in Mexico because of roaming and the high bill that would come with it. That is until I discovered that if i placed my phone on the headboard at just the right angle i would get my at&t service and not the telcel (mexican service) that means no roaming charges yay!!.. With that discovery I was attached to my phone all day, watching movies, and TV shows on Netflix. Of course with a big neck pain from trying to get the right angle with service but I did not care lol. One of the shows that I fell in love with was Switched at birth. 

I love that they use ASL (American Sign Language) on the show it just looks like such a beautiful language, that is definitely one that I would love to learn. As I was on youtube world today I saw that Sean Berdy, Emit on the show translated "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias into ASL it's beautiful check it out. =)

What did you guys think? Cute huh. I know my name and a word here and there but not really. I have a little brother with down syndrome and while his hearing is fine, he refuses to talk. A few years ago his language therapy teachers started teaching him some sign language so that's how I know a word or two.. Some day I will take a class that's on my life to do list haha