Feb 26, 2012

Something to Think About

In mass today the priest shared some words of wisdom that got me thinking, I want to share them.. 

Beware of your thoughts, because they can become your words.
Beware of your words, because they can become your actions.
Beware of your actions, because they can  become your habits.
Beware of your habits, because they can become your character.
Beware of your character, because it becomes your destiny.

Author: Unknown 

Feb 21, 2012

Last Two Weeks of My Life

1.) I could not say enough of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful big family. People often look at me weird when they find out I have 6 brothers and sisters but honestly I think it's fun and cool we don't need to invite people to have a get together or anything because we are enough with just us (not that we don't). Last weekend, my older siblings, Derek, and I went bowling it was so much fun getting together with them. I hate to admit it, but since I got married I don't see them as often anymore, plus we all have different schedules because of work, and school. 

Sometimes It's hard to believe how the years go by, we were all little kids one day and its seems that in a blink of an eye we're all teenagers and young adults.

At first I was doing well bowling but as the game progressed it was apparent I suck at bowling. =( Sad but true, next time I'll come around lol. 

2.) Valentines day was great I have the most amazing husband any one can have, no no I'm not just saying that who else would give me these amazing tulips? 

That's right two bouquets, I feel special =)

He also gave me a curling iron that I had been wanting since hmmm? Heck since I got married lol, the one I had at my mom's stayed at my mom's with her and my sister. That day we didn't do much since it was a tuesday and Derek had to work early the next day, so we opted to stay home and watch movies.

3.) That week we also hopped on our beach cruiser and rode them for 3.8 miles down to the movies. We watched The Vow, amazing movie, needless to say I loved it. What shocked me more was to find out that it was based on a true story, so sad.  I would totally hate what happened to them to happen to Derek and I. 

After the movies we hopped on our bikes again and went to eat at a place called "Just Hotdogs," We had been meaning to try this place but for one reason or another we hadn't. Well let me just say one word DELICIOUS!! I must say that day was one of my favorite dates we have had in a long time so simple yet so nice to ride our bikes and get out. Have I said this already? I freaken LOVE my HUSBAND..! 

4.) On Presidents day I had a great day, my family had a BBQ in a near by park, and it was fun all of us getting together. We had some bomb carne asada, godornis (cornish game hen), salad, rice, chorizo beans, fruit salad, and yummy agua de jamaica (jamaica water) and yucky agua de tamarindo (tamarin water).. Needless to say Derek and I got home so bloated and full with all that food.

 Everyone always says that she looks exactly like me, Derek always jokes that one day I'm going to come out and tell him that she is my daughter. lol what do you guys think, does she look like me? 
 It was quite windy, hence why we are all covered up. 

 I love all these people, they are the center of my world and would do anything for them!

 The best sisters in the whole wide world !!!
We couldn't leave out the family dog Cookie, she is such a good dog. She just kept wanting to snuggle with me. 

Well that's it for today, Have a lovely week =) 

Feb 9, 2012

It's the little things that count

Sometimes it amazes me how such a little gesture can go a long way. An old long time friend texted me this picture:

Now tell me that is not the cutest? She is a pre-school teacher, and as an assignment she had her students draw a picture of a friend and themselves. Thus, of course she needed to show an example.

I have to say, this made my day, and put a smile in my face =) Thank you Mrs. Daisy!  
Sometimes in the busy world we live in it’s hard to forget that It’s the Little Things that Count. It’s the smile, the word of encouragement, an act of kindness, a listener, a hug, a kiss or just a drawing (like the one I received) that can really make someones day, and turn a frown upside down. Lets’s not forget to do an act of kindness, not only will it make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside but we could make someones day... 

Feb 6, 2012

weekend fun: the pike of Long Beach

My weekend started off horrible I was sick with the stomach flue Thursday- Saturday ewk.. Luckily I have a wonderful husband that spoils me so much when I’m sick, I have to confess I “milk” it a bit, I mean who doesn’t like to be taken care of when sick? He was so cute he doesn't know how to make chicken noodle soup so he scoured all over the pantry for some yummy soup with a Gatorade just for me. 

After the harsh couple of days, and me being all better we decided to go out for a day trip to The Pike at Long Beach, where we had P.F. Changs yum yum. Then we went Whale watching and it was, oh so relaxing! something about the ocean, the waves crashing, the wind blowing my hair everywhere, and being by the side of Derek has that affect one me (chuckles). However, I was sad to not be able to see much of a whale but a fin here and there. People were crowding too much towards the front of the boat obstructing my view. Nevertheless, it was still the highlight of my weekend.