Apr 13, 2012

It's our Anniversary

My, my, time flies when you are happy! Yesterday April 12, 2012 was Derek's and my 2 year wedding Anniversary. I'm truly happy and feel blessed to be married to such a wonderful individual that loves, cares, and respects me. Just knowing that the feeling is mutual makes me, oh so happy. I can remember when we first met, when he first asked me to be his girlfriend, the first I love you from Derek, his proposal, to our I do's. I sigh at the thought of our moments together, how in the four years I've known him we have grown not only as individuals but as a couple. 

Since it was our anniversary it was a day of celebration =). Originally we were suppose to go kayaking in San Diego, but because of laziness from both our parts we never made reservations( but it worked out because the day was cloudy and it was suppose to rain), we will for sure do it next month when the weather is more appropriate. We decided to go to Medieval Times in Buena Park and had blast. We got the celebration Packet, our anniversary was announced, we got our picture taken, we got cake, and some other goodies. Indeed it was so much fun, unfortunately our Green Knight didn't win that night but he was the runner up. 

Oh and I almost forgot to tell you guys, my wonderful husband got me a beautiful purple Orchid Plant. My very own first plant, we are planing to finally move out in the near future so he said it was time for me to commit to keeping something a live lol. I'm so happy to have received it lets just hope and pray it does not die on me. 

P.S. Iv'e got some news I'll post tomorrow 

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