Apr 15, 2012

Big News!!

I feel like a horrible blogger I have not been blogging for a while, then I say I have news for the next day and don't come back on till two days later.... sorry!!

Well on with my story, I finally got a job!!!! yay I feel so excited and blessed to finally have found a job. It did take a while but only God nows the right time and moment to grant us what we ask for. I will be an administrative assistant at a clinic, and I'm so very excited and scared. I have not actually started yet, I'm waiting to hear where to take a drug test and get finger printed and as soon as all that clears, I'm good to start. That means Derek and I will actually be able to afford to move out in the near future, that is very pleasing to my little heart =). Like I've said before I love his family they are the nicest people ever, but it really is time to move out and have our own place. 

On another note Iv'e been contemplating in sharing some recipes, now let me warn everyone I by no means am a cook. I actually don't like cooking ask my husband, he actually jokes around saying "I think, I married the wrong Mexican the one that doesn't cook." I just smile and say, "that's why I married you, because you don't mind." I love him! Anyways, that's why I want to share some of the foods I make at home for those newly weds that have no clue how to cook at all like I was. Thats to come soon...  

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